10 Data Pieces To Guide You Through 2023

In this trends report Klaus Giller talks about 10 of the most fascinating pieces of data he found that will shape 2023.
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Multi Source Attribution Model

The MSAM combines data from multiple sources such as Google Analytics, user surveys, or even print voucher codes into an automated model to help marketers and organizations make better decisions.

University Lecture at New Design University

This is the presentation of our lecture at the New Design University in Sankt Pölten, Austria. The topics were: - How has Marketing changed over time? - The three ??? in Marketing - Marketing Activity Types - How will AI shape Marketing - Case Study Prayerful - How to measure Marketing activities correctly - Marketing trends

10 Data Pieces To Guide You Through 2022

In this ebook, we touch on 10 of the trends that will shape marketing in 2022 and beyond, such as the potential of retro marketing, the way connected TVs are reshaping our viewing habits, or surviving in a cookieless world. 2022 is a year where those marketers will succeed that are aware of trends and manage to incorporate them into their strategy.

10 tips to cut the crap out of your marketing

I have been a marketer my whole professional career and though I can’t say I have seen it all, I for sure have seen a lot. What I hope to accomplish here is to give you a few ideas on how to reach the next level of marketing.

The Marketing Start-Up Guide

In this eBook, I want to share a couple of things I have learned throughout my marketing career that I hope will have real practical value for entrepreneurs.
Case Study

Case Study Sports Betting

In this case study from the sports betting industry from 2021 mrkt'in illustrates the test-learn-optimize approach resulting in sustainable and efficient growth.
Case Study

Case Study AMEX

In this case study, we illustrate how mrkt'in helped AMEX lay the foundation for data-driven marketing as a first step towards scaling the business.

“Performance and Brand don’t compete, they complete each other.”


“We build trust by owning results.”

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