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mrkt'in was commissioned to build a sales funnel for the biotech group Darwin to address decision-makers in other biotech companies and potentially integrate them into the Darwin group.


mrkt'in, together with Darwin, chose LinkedIn as a suitable channel to collect leads from decision-makers in the biotech industry. For this campaign, a separate landing page was built with a lead form to which traffic was sent using LinkedIn ads. A total of 36 advertising materials were created, each with different trigger messages on the topic of company takeovers.

In addition to classic biotech companies, top managers and owners of pet tech companies were also addressed.


Overall, mrkt'in's thoughtful approach reflects the strategic direction necessary to successfully appeal to decision-makers in the biotech industry and potentially integrate new members into the Darwin Group.

LinkedIn is an ideal channel for reaching decision-makers in the biotech scene, but LinkedIn plays by its own rules and this must also be reflected in the approach.

mrkt'in helped Darwin reach key decision-makers with the right message on the right channel at the right time.


“Measure. Learn. Optimize. Repeat.”


“Each company is unique and deserves a unique approach.”

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