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mrkt'in carried out a comprehensive affiliate audit for the UK-based online shop for individualized dog food and helped to acquire strategic partners in German-speaking countries.

Affiliate Audit


Analysis of the partner program for the brand including instructions for improving the program.

The customer requests the following areas to be covered:

  • A list of possible affiliate partners: affiliates, platforms, and partners from different sectors
  • An analysis of where stands in comparison to the competition and where there are deficits
  • A plan to take the program to the next level


The audit was divided into 5 phases:

  • Program check
  • Data Insights
  • Partners & Communication
  • Online Creatives
  • Summary & Recommendations


As a result of the audit, was provided with a list of specific recommended measures, with a particular focus on improving the conversion rate and the affiliate CPO per partner. This has allowed to sustainably improve the efficiency of the affiliate program and gain a foothold in the German market.

Partnership Outreach

Lacking an on-site country manager in Germany, used the knowledge and connections of mrkt'in to build relationships with strategic partners in the pet health industry.

mrkt'in split this project into 3 phases:

  • Initial screening: during this phase, a list was prepared listing the top players in the industry such as pet tech brands, dog trainers, or charity organizations.
  • Initial contact with potential partners: in the next step all the potential partners on the list that had been cleared were approached to see whether they were open for collaborations.
  • In the third and final step, the partners were handed over to with mrkt'in assisting with setting up the partnerships.


Out of 35 initial contacts 11 partnership opportunities were handed over to

mrkt'in achieved a 31% success rate with its partnership acquisition funnel for


“Each company is unique and deserves a unique approach.”


“Performance and Brand don’t compete, they complete each other.”

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