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Wettformat is one of the leading affiliate platforms for iGaming in German-speaking countries and is considered among the industry leaders, especially regarding search engine optimization. While these achievements are impressive, Wettformat continues to rely on a comprehensive and sustainable SEO strategy to consolidate its position as an industry leader.

The close cooperation with our SEO expert Matthias makes it possible to constantly stay updated with the latest SEO trends and continuously improve the website.

Ongoing analysis of keywords, monitoring competitors, and adapting to the ever-changing search engine algorithms are just some of the focuses of this successful partnership. In addition, Wettformat invests in high-quality content that not only improves the user experience but also helps to increase visibility in organic search results further. Wettformat and Matthias place a particular focus on Google News and Google Discover.

The collaboration between Wettformat and Matthias shows that a well-thought-out SEO strategy not only brings short-term success but also has a long-term and sustainable effect on online presence and business success. With this commitment to excellence, Wettformat continues to set standards in the world of iGaming in German-speaking countries.

"Matthias is a real SEO-wizard and helped us enormously in getting the most out of our SEO rankings" Michael Allerstorfer, Partner Wettformat


“We perform fast, learn fast, and don’t overplay.”


“Measure. Learn. Optimize. Repeat.”

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