The day I decided to cut the crap

‘‘I am so tired of this crap.”

Those were the words that I was muttering to myself on that particular summer day in Berlin. It was just another typical client-agency meeting with me being on the client-side. Our last campaign didn’t do so well, it happens from time to time. So no big deal, right? Well, rather than analyzing how to do better for the next 30 something minutes I had to listen to some highly creative explanations about why the campaign actually was a success. A process I describe as “Putting lipstick on a pig”. You know … It’s still a pig!

An idea is born

On that summer day, the idea of a no-nonsense marketing approach was born. At least in my mind. It still took quite some time but in 2021 I finally did it and founded mrkt’in. “Simply cut the crap” is not only our motto but our way of life. With mrkt’in I wanted to offer a different way of doing marketing: Lean. Data-driven. Honest.

Measure. Learn. Optimize. Repeat.

We believe in this cycle and we want to prove that good marketing is not a magic trick but rather a matter of approach than money. Every good company deserves good marketing and so do you.

Klaus Giller
Founder mrkt’in


“Each company is unique and deserves a unique approach.”


“Performance and Brand don’t compete, they complete each other.”

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