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AMEX is a global supplier of medical, laboratory, and pharmaceutical products to nonprofit organizations shipping to over 150 countries worldwide. AMEX also operates webshops in Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania selling a wide range of products to clients such as laboratories, hospitals, universities, as well as research institutes.


The 3 webshops show different growth trajectories with Romania being the most mature of the three markets. At the start of this project, organic traffic and Google Ads were the main sources of revenue. AMEX tasked mrkt’in with reviewing the current data and marketing setup to identify pain points, and growth opportunities and assess the general scalability of the AMEX webshops.


Together with the client mrkt’in defined the following modules and deliverables:

  • Data Analysis & Customer Lifetime Value Calculation
  • SEO Audit
  • Google Ads Review
  • User Research
  • Holistic Marketing Analysis


Phase 1: Data Analysis & CLTV

Our analysis revealed that the eCommerce integration was insufficient as important steps in the funnel were missing, making the comparison of the three markets and subsequent optimization difficult. Setting up the complete funnel will enable AMEX to identify pain points and use events other than final conversions for performance marketing optimization. 

In addition, we found several discrepancies between the data available in the Google Ads accounts and the data in Google Analytics. Such discrepancies are substantial roadblocks to success as data must be clean, coherent, and cover all funnel steps.

The second part of the data analysis focused on calculating the CLTV (customer lifetime value) of each of the three webshops. The calculations revealed: a) there are big discrepancies between the markets and b) most of its customers are one-time purchasers. One of the challenges for AMEX is to find a way to turn one-time purchasers into repeat customers.

Phase 2: SEO Audit

For the SEO Audit we conducted a technical review of all three webshops covering the following areas: 

  • Page Experience
  • Coverage
  • Duplicate Content
  • Pagination
  • Status Codes
  • Site Structure
  • Crawling
  • Meta Data
  • Headline
  • Structured Data
  • Mobile Friendliness

The result was a priority list of ToDos including “How to solve” instructions.

Phase 3: Google Ads Review

We split the Google Ads review into two phases: Finding native Google Experts & Supervising the Google Ads Review Process 

Through a thorough search that involved interviewing many different experts, we found three highly capable freelancers from Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania to perform the audits. AMEX had a clear and actionable plan at the end of audits to increase efficiency and exploit opportunities.

Phase 4: User Research

To get a better picture of the existing audience, audience preferences, and media usage, we decided to conduct an email survey among the existing customers of AMEX. We sent out 3 different surveys to Romania, Bulgaria, and Serbia.

In total, we sent the survey out to more than 10.000 email addresses and received more than 600 responses providing us with excellent insights and actionable findings.

The great participation of its customers allowed AMEX to get a better understanding of their motivations, user experience, wishes, as well as pain-points. Here are a few of the insights we gained thanks to the survey:

  • Need for a mailing system
  • Word of Mouth as the key marketing channel
  • Selection, prices, trust as the key motivators

Phase 5: Holistic Marketing Review

In the final project module, we connected the dots from the previous modules to lay out a clear, data- and goal-driven strategy. Particular emphasis was put on drawing up a test-and-scale strategy for channels that looked promising following user and data research. Always aiming for quick wins we of course pointed out easy opportunities that could be leveraged immediately. 

Such a complex project with different markets, different channels, and numerous data points required a good visualization of the steps necessary to reach the next level (for the visualization please check the complete use case).

“mrkt’in provided us with a clear and comprehensive list, with next steps & suggestions which we have been conscientiously working through, making progress every day. Based on the findings of the project we were able to understand better our customer’s needs, to have a clear overview of the data and how to analyze it. Already one month after the start of the implementation of the recommendations we see various positive effects that will allow us to further scale our business.” Veronica Badicut, Marketing Manager at AMEX


“We find the sweet spot between efficiency and growth.”


“Each company is unique and deserves a unique approach.”

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