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For the nursing staff agency Gutbetreut24, mrkt'in has optimized the website and the contact form in particular to generate more contact inquiries.


As an agent for nursing staff, Gutbetreut24 has a very complex contact form and a lot of information on the website. mrkt'in was given the task of optimizing the website and, in particular, revising the contact form, as there was an increasing number of bounces here.


In the first step, mrkt'in took a close look at the general website structure and placed a particular focus on making the site as user-friendly as possible and guiding the user to the most relevant information. However, the bigger task was to revise the contact form, as Gutbetreut24 requires a lot more information from the customer than is usual in other industries because selecting the right nursing staff is very difficult.


Rather than deleting potentially important text fields, mrkt'in focused on dividing the form into multiple easy-to-digest information pieces and guiding the user through the form. 

This way the previously overwhelming form is way easier to understand and fill out. As a result, more users now complete the form which in turn results in more customers for Gutbetreut24.

The partnership with Gutbetreut24 has proven how important the user-friendliness of a website is in an industry that primarily consists of older customers. Here, too, mrkt'in has once again proven its core competence in acquiring as many customers as possible as efficiently as possible.


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