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The Austrian biotech group Novogenia has commissioned mrkt'in to develop a test strategy for the upcoming launch of a new personalized nutritional supplement.

Novogenia planned to introduce a new product in 2023 that focuses on individualized nutritional supplements as a subscription model. To guarantee the most successful product launch possible, the time leading up to the launch must be used to collect and analyze data to tailor an action plan with clear recommendations.

The following key questions arose for Novogenia:

  • Which topic categories should we use to interest as many people as possible for this new product?
  • How many of the interested users would sign up for a subscription?
  • What do these users look like?
  • How do we reach these users most effectively?


We developed a testing approach addressing all those key questions and split it into 3 Phases:

  • Phase 1 tackled the question of which topics should be pursued and what audiences show the highest demand for this new product. At this stage, the focus was put on testing different audiences through social media campaigns and funneling users to a waiting list for demand generation.
  • Phase 2 used quantitative and qualitative user research methods to tackle the question of what our potential customers look like (demographics, product preferences, media usage, etc.)
  • Phase 3 focused on testing different messages with the audiences that had been previously tested to understand how we have to communicate with which audiences via which channels.

Das sagt der Kunde

„Klaus and his team did a great job bringing a start-up spirit into our organization and helping us prepare our product launch. They have demonstrated a highly analytical mindset, testing the right hypothesis to evaluate our market potential.” Marco Herten, Head of Marketing Novogenia


“We build trust by owning results.”


“Measure. Learn. Optimize. Repeat.”

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